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Top Corporate Tax Services in Calgary

You'll encounter corporation tax levied on your annual profits if you're a registered limited company. Similarly, clubs, societies, and charities may also fall under this tax obligation.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of business and corporate tax laws in Canada, as regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), can be complex. Compliance for both corporations and individuals is becoming increasingly challenging. To mitigate tax impacts on your business and ensure compliance, enlist the expertise of a chartered professional accountant specializing in corporate tax services in Calgary. Trust Masone and Company to address all your tax-related concerns.

Our seasoned tax professionals stay abreast of corporate tax law amendments, allowing us to devise tailored strategies that minimize tax burdens on you and your business while maximizing tax deferrals. Connect with us for more details now.

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Corporate Tax Services Calgary Needs

You have worked very hard to reach the position you’re in today and want to reap the benefits of your efforts. Masone and Company offers corporation tax services to help you retain more of your hard-earned money. We offer fundamental corporate tax services in Calgary, such as:

  • Corporate tax return preparation and filing

  • Year end statements

  • Review and analysis

  • Annual return filing

  • Trust and partnership returns

  • GST preparation and filing

  • T-slip preparation and filing

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Because a corporation's tax year is its fiscal period, you may need to submit your tax returns on different days each year. At Masone and Company, we ensure that you file your return by the correct day of the sixth month after the end of the tax year.

Valuable Tips for Corporate Taxes

We aim to provide insights into your financial statements, corporate tax rates, and the broader landscape of corporate tax laws. Accurate filing of your corporate tax return annually is not just a task; it's a crucial responsibility. To ensure this, remember:

  • Every resident corporation must submit a T2 corporate income tax return each tax year, regardless of whether any tax is owed.

  • All corporations should compile their financial statement data using the General Index of Financial Information codes.

  • There are 7 tax offices nationwide where you can submit your corporate tax returns; the appropriate office depends on the province where your primary operations are located.

Timely filing and payment of taxes are just the beginning of our comprehensive assistance. We offer strategic planning guidance covering all corporate tax management aspects, ensuring compliance, minimizing taxes, and optimizing deferrals and savings.

Estate and Trust Taxes

Each passing year, the laws, bylaws, and tax structures surrounding estates and trusts become more complicated. The complexities and seriousness of making trust and estate tax plans make it difficult for individuals and families to plan their future and all the “what-ifs” that may pop up along the way. 

​By working with a chartered professional accountant experienced in trust and estate tax planning, Calgary families gain the resources and information they need to make informed decisions. Reach out to Masone and Company for further details. We also offer corporate tax services to help you retain your hard-earned money. With a sound trust and estate tax plan in place, you can live with a clear mind, knowing your family and interests will be cared for long after you’ve passed on the baton. Together, we can formulate an estate and trust plan that considers your spouse, children, grandchildren, and others with whom you would like to share part of your legacy.

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Ready to streamline your corporate tax strategy and lower your tax burden?

Contact Masone and Company's expert Chartered Professional Accountants in Calgary today for tailored corporate tax services that boost your financial success. Reach out now to start optimizing your taxes.

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