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Corporation Tax Services in Calgary

Corporation tax is charged on your annual profits if you are an established limited company. Other organizations such as clubs, societies, and charities may be liable for this kind of tax.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is constantly changing business and corporate tax laws in Canada. This makes the process of being compliant as a corporation and an individual a more difficult task than one would expect. For help with being compliant and limiting how much taxes affect your business, you need a Chartered Professional Accountant for help with corporation tax services in Calgary. You can rely on Masone and Company for all of your tax-related needs.

Our experienced tax professionals are always up-to-date on the corporate tax law changes, ensuring we can develop effective strategies to minimize the tax impact on yourself and your business while at the same time maximizing tax deferrals.

Corporate Tax Services Calgary Needs

You have worked very hard to reach the position you’re in today, and you want to reap the benefits of your efforts. Masone and Company offers corporation tax services designed to help you retain more of your hard earned money. We offer fundamental corporate tax services in Calgary, such as:

  • Corporate tax return preparation and filing
  • Year end statements
  • Review and analysis
  • Annual return filing
  • Trust and partnership returns
  • GST preparation and filing
  • T-slip preparation and filing

Because the tax year of a corporation is its fiscal period, you may need to submit your tax returns on different days each year. At Masone and Company, we ensure that you file your return by the correct day of the sixth month after the end of the tax year.

Helpful Corporate Tax Hints

Our goal is to help you understand your financial statements, corporate tax rates and corporate tax laws in general. To ensure you are properly filing your corporate tax return each year, be sure to keep in mind:

  • All resident corporations have to file a T2 corporate income tax return each tax year, even if there is no tax payable.
  • All corporations should prepare their financial statement information using General Index of Financial Information codes.
  • There are 7 tax offices across the country that you can send your corporate tax returns to, and the office your returns should be sent to is dependent on the province in which you primarily operate.

Being on time with filing and paying your taxes is just one small part of how we can help you. We can guide you through strategic planning to ensure you are meeting compliance requirements, minimizing taxes and maximizing your deferrals and savings.

Contact Us for Corporation Tax Services in Calgary

Corporate tax returns can be complicated to fill out and file due to the CRA requirements that must be met. Rather than stumbling through this process alone, you can rely on Masone and Company for strategic corporate tax services. Our experienced corporate tax professionals can help you understand the process and maximize tax deferrals. In Calgary, we offer attention to detail, complete reports and quality support.

To schedule services with our experienced team, contact us today.

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