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Tax Accountants in Calgary Offering Expert Advice

Tax laws tend to undergo changes from time to time, and it can be difficult for individuals and corporates to keep up with the complexity of changing legislations. We need reliable accountants to keep track of tax laws and assist us with filing income tax returns accordingly. To help organize and maintain records of all your taxable accounts, reach out to the expert tax accountants in Calgary from Masone and Company. Keeping our clients’ best interests as our top priority, we aim to deliver accurate tax accounting solutions for all kinds of tax needs.


In the business for over 25 successful years, Masone and Company comes with a dedicated team of accountants who work tirelessly to minimize your tax burden and help retain more money. We can help relieve your tax burden by suggesting proactive taxing strategies for your benefit. With our well-organized records at your disposal, you can rest assured to not get red-flagged or worry about penalties for late payment of your taxes.

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Full-service Accounting Firm

At Masone and Company, our clients receive year-round comprehensive accounting and financial reporting services. We provide complete tax accounting services for a variety of businesses, and personal tax services for all individuals and pensioners. Under accounting, our area of expertise includes the following:

  • Calculation of annual taxes to be paid

  • Timely filing of taxes

  • Preparation of tax/VAT return statements

  • Help financing future tax payments

  • Providing suitable tax accounting methods

  • Suggesting possible tax relaxation strategies

  • Tax planning and year-round access for tax consultancy

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Knowledgeable Team of Accountants

Our team of professional tax accountants regularly monitors and follows new tax laws and legislations. In that manner, we aim to expand our knowledge in the taxation world to find more ways to maximize tax savings for our clients and serve them better. This also enables our tax accountants to help minimize our clients’ current and future tax liabilities.

Effective Tax Preparation and Planning

Are you wondering about minimizing tax by splitting income within your family? Our expert tax accountants from Calgary can help with figuring out suitable ways to plan your taxes. We are here to assist you with any kind of tax planning questions that you may have. By integrating our tax planning initiatives with your existing financial planning strategies, we look forward to ensuring proper wealth management for you and your business. The basic steps involved in tax preparation at Masone and Company are as follows:

  • Scheduling a one-on-one meeting with the client

  • Assessing client’s financial needs

  • Gathering and analyzing required tax documents

  • Checking for changes in tax laws concerning client’s business/income category

  • Suggesting to file tax extension if required

  • Provide organized and updated records for filing tax returns

  • Filing tax returns

Personal Estate Planning

Just as you prepare and plan for taxes throughout the year, it is beneficial to plan for the distribution of your estate after your death. This helps minimize your final income tax payment and helps your loved ones tend to your estate, which is the total combined property and assets you hold.

Our expert team of will and estate tax accountants can help you:

  • Identify and designate an executor and estate trustee

  • Designate custodians and guardians, if necessary  

  • Designate a person to become your power of attorney should you become medical incapable of handling your property, finance, personal life, and medical care

  • Protect your identity and needs

  • Plan for debt repayment

  • Allocate your assets

  • Outline and formalize other wishes

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Ready to optimize your tax strategy and minimize your tax burden?

Contact Masone and Company's expert tax accountants in Calgary today. Let us tailor our comprehensive tax services to meet your individual or business needs and help you secure financial success. Reach out now to start your journey towards tax efficiency.

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