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Accounting Services for Calgary and Alberta

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Calgary Accounting at Its Finest

Masone and Company has been in business of accounting in Calgary, for over 25 years. We specialize in accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services in Alberta, British Columbia and Nunavut. Our individual and corporate clients are getting seasoned professionals that will take a global view of their company and then analyze how we can save these firms money. We have experience building valuable relationships as we view every client as a partner, and truly believe that our success is a result of their success.

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Calgary Tax Services

Many of our clients are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in many different jurisdictions. We can assist your company in the compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns, and in controlling your sales-tax-related costs.

We put the puzzle pieces together.

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Personal and Corporate Taxes

Accurate tax planning and preparation

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Maximize Your Resources

Use all of the financial tools available

On-Site Bookkeeping in Alberta

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Bookkeeping No Matter Where You Are

We understand that you may not have the time or resources to handle your bookkeeping internally. If you need us to come to your home or place of business for these types of services, just give us a call and we will be there.

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Save Time and Money

There is no need to hire full-time bookkeepers; our services are there when you need them. This will reduce your HR costs and you can always expect the same performance every time we're on site.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're unhappy with the bookkeeper supplied to you, let us know and we’ll find someone who better matches your needs. Your satisfaction is important to us, and if you're happy with your bookkeeper, you can work with them every time you need our help.

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About Masone and Company
B Comm., DPA, I.C.I.A., MFA. , CPA CMA, CGA

We specialize in accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services. Our clients always receive services from seasoned professionals, who take a global view of their firms and then analyze how we can save them money.

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