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What to Look For in an Accounting Firm

In the time span of one week alone, Canadians are worrying about their finances for at least 15 hours. Considering that accounts for close to 2 full work days, this is one of the top reasons people look for a reputable accounting firm in Calgary.

Accountants not only save you time, but they can also save you money and get you more than what you might have expected when filing taxes. There are a lot of things that people miss when they are managing their own money, especially if they have a business.

To combat potential challenges that can be prevented, keep reading to learn what you should be looking for in an accounting firm.

An Accountant That Elevates Your Money

When choosing an accounting firm, you're looking for someone to help you avoid fines and penalties. You also want someone to help avoid mistakes when managing your accounting processes.

Additionally, these professionals advise on 'smart' investments and they can act as a business advisor in terms of finances. This is what you should be looking for.

Someone That Focuses on Tax Compliance

Using an accounting firm in Calgary is going to keep you in line with Canada's tax laws. This includes ensuring certain deadlines are met when filing taxes especially when you are a business owner and have to report quarterly.

If you are a business owner, for example, conducting an audit is one of the best ways to ensure you're following all associated regulations. This is one of the primary reasons business owners hire an accountant, to avoid costly penalties which is 5% of any unpaid taxes.

Someone to Maximize Your Tax Benefits

When choosing an accounting firm, you want to make sure you work with professionals who help you get more on your taxes. For example, in Canada, you can in some cases pay less taxes or see more benefits if you do a few specific things.

Some of these things could be investing in RRSPs and TFSAs or writing off any losses you incurred. This might not be something everyone knows but a local accounting firm won't miss these details. When looking for the best accounting firm, they can often identify opportunities for tax optimization and help you retain more revenue without the hassle.

A Priority in Time Management

As we know, Canadians are breaking records on the amount of time they're spending being concerned about finances. A lot of this has to do with financial literacy but even more has to do with a lack of financial organization. Additionally, difficulty in tax efficiency and knowing how to maximise deductions make it more of a challenge.

When you want to find an accountant, look for someone who reduces time spent on these things. The concept is for them to do it on your behalf.

An Accounting Firm in Calgary That Eliminates Financial Frustration

The right accounting firm in Calgary can help to maximise your deductions and what you take in. If you aren't sure how to approach proper money management, this is a top reason to secure a partnership with a financial advisor who can work for you. The point is to have someone who will prevent accounting mistakes and show you how to grow your money.

To learn more, get in touch with Masone and Company today.


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